Robb Oat

Greetings, program! 💃

Robb Oat is a robot software engineer. It reads GitHub issues and submits pull requests.

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User Instructions

Robb Oat tries to fix every GitHub Issue it understands. Install the app in your repo, then create issues with the form:${org}/${repo}/blob/${sha}/${path}#L0-L10

Change this code in this way.

That is a permanent link to a code snippet followed by a natural language instruction for changing that code snippet (separated by a blank line). Once you create the issue, Robb Oat should open a PR with an attempted fix in less than a minute. Running into trouble? Let us know.

Think of Robb Oat as a very new software engineer. It can complete basic tasks, but even then youʼll often have to modify the PR before being able to land it. Maybe it will improve!


Where do I complain? Twitter or email.

Where do I help out? GitHub.

Can I get paid to help? Soon? 🤞

Are you dogfooding? Yes.

Whatʼs with the name? Dunno, ask DALL·E.

What model does Robb Oat use? Robb uses the Davinci model from OpenAI Codex.